• A photo booth like no other

    Our Open Photo Booth puts you in charge of taking super fun studio quality photos. Push one button, pose for the photo, and have an instantly printed copy in your hands to take away.

Meet Openbooths

Something unique

We created the Openbooth with our passion for partying & photos, we didn't just buy it. We even named our first Openbooth Amelia, our little charismatic pioneer in the photo booth world.

Capturing the impossible

The Openbooth inspires people to create some incredible moments. Grandad might just dress up as his favourite actor, Clint Eastwood, complete with two finger guns. True Story.

Another photographer

Automating a photographer's job wasn't easy, but a few years worth of tweaking and we are proud to let you be the professional photographer, just push the big red(ish) button.


Bride, 2017

We thought having a photo booth as wedding entertainment would be a great idea. The quality of the Openbooth blew me and Tom away, it was like we had hired another wedding photographer!

A Refined Photo Booth

Entirely self service

Things get done the way you want, when you do it yourself. We don't like to manage your guest's creativity and so we made everything happen as easy as one two. (No need for "three"!)

Big Backdrops

We replaced the booth with a big backdrop so guests can be creative with each other. Go solo, or even in groups of 10 or more. We can also work with your decor to create beautiful themes.

Snap anywhere

Our photo booth can fit in the smallest of spaces, and loves a bit of sun during the summer. Just pick your backdrop and make sure to leave enough room to stand in front of it.

See our open photo booth

Some of our regulars



Alfred Dunhill

Bang & Olufsen