Some of our

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions about Openbooths

What areas do you cover?
Our teams in London and Birmingham cover South East England and Midlands.  Additional travel will be included in your quote.
Tell me a bit about the Openbooths team
We are a small team that loves photos, fun and partying. Our boss is an ex-wedding photographer who hung his camera up in 2017 to focus all his time on teaching the Openbooths how to be expert photographers.
How long have you been doing this?
We started off in 2013 with our first Openbooth (who sadly retired in 2015 after paving the way for its successors).
What are your payment terms?
We require a minimum of 20% deposit to secure the hire dates(s), with full payment to be completed 1 week prior to the event. All cards accepted, event AMEX for those lush rewards.

Some questions about the set-up

Can I see myself on the screen as the photo is taken?
Yes, a live view will be shown (just like taking a selfie) to make sure everybody is in the photo.
How many people can fit in a photo?
We use some of the widest backdrops for a photo booth at 2.4m wide, around 10 people can fit in a photo comfortably. We have a photo where guests managed to fit 18 people with some drunken planning.
Does the Openbooth print during the event?
Yes, every photo gets printed instantly (even the embarrassing ones).
Can I customise the print designs?
Yes, we can send you some templates or have our designer create something for you at no extra charge.
How much space is required?
The ideal space is 2.5m x 2.5m. This can be reduced drastically; the only downside is fewer people can fit in a photo.
Can you do custom backdrops?
Yes, this ranges from printed backdrops to flower walls. We can also work with your decorator to create something more in theme.
What props do you have?
We have a room full of props, just let us know which themes/type you need, and we will put together a box for you. If we don’t have them, they will be sourced at no extra cost (provided they are not personalised).
What size and layout are the prints?
By default, guests can pick between two options during the events. A single photo on 6”x4” paper, or a photo strip of 4 different photos on 6”x2” paper. Other layouts are available on request.
Does the Openbooth print multiple copies?
Yes, this can be enabled on request. For weddings with a guestbook, this is enabled by default.

Some questions about the venue

What do you need from the venue to set up?
The Openbooths needs a solid and level surface of around 2.5 x 2.5m, with access to a single 13amp socket nearby. A 30m extension is carried should it be required.
How long does set-up take?
Normally set-up is completed within 1 hour. This can be reduced to as little as 15mins with advanced planning, just let us know your schedule. Advance set up hours before guests arrive is also possible.
Do you have Public Liability insurance and PAT certificates?
Yes to both.  For Public Liability all events are covered up to £5m and documents are provided on bookings. Certain listed venues require £10m cover which can be increased on request.
How about a Method Statement and Risk Assessment?
Yes, this will be created on request once you receive your booking confirmation
Can you set up outdoors?
In most cases yes, as long as there is a solid and level surface we can set up on (e.g grass doesn’t work well). A plan B location would be advisable so we can move should our lovely British weather turn.
My venue has a perfect backdrop, can this be used?
Certainly, this would in fact reduce the hire cost.

Some questions about the photos

The room will be quite dark, will this affect the quality of the photos
Nope, the camera and lighting we use ensure the photos can be captured in pitch black. Disco lighting or lasers are no match for the Openbooth.
How are the photos provided?
Aside from the instant prints on the night, all the photos get uploaded to your private link. These stay up indefinitely so all guests can share at their convenience. Photos can be provided on USB on request at no extra cost.
Your photos look great! Will my photos look like this?
Absolutely, we tune the set up at each venue to ensure photos are always fabulous.
Am I allowed to reprint the photos after the event?
Absolutely yes, you can simply download original copies from your online gallery and order enlargements using your preferred printer. Your online gallery is directly connected to one of UK’s leading photofinishers to make ordering prints super easy, starting as low as £1.

Some questions about corporate events and branding

We are looking for a multi-day hire for a show or similar, is this possible?
Sounds great, we have done numerous shows from launches to trade shows over the years. We have a separate daily hire rate for this and can provide staff to engage with guests to have fun.
Where can we put branding?
Branding opportunities include the Openbooth itself, backdrops, prints and screens. Templates can be provided to your design team and proofs will be created for you to sign off on. Lastly, a branded website can be created with all the photos under our white label domain –
Can you send me mock-ups of what it would look like with my branding
Yes, just send across the logos or branding you would like and we will create some mock-ups to assist with visualising or presenting the idea.
Who will own the copyright for the photos?
Kaash Studios Ltd will own the copyright and all images will be provided under a non-commercial licence. Any images can be reproduced and edited freely for digitally or print for marketing as well as personal use. The only restriction would be on reproducing for commercial purposes (e.g selling prints for profit)