• The Open Air Photo Booth

Meet Openbooths

Having spent many years in the wedding industry and being lovers of all things techy, the creators of the Openbooth wanted to design and build a photo booth that captures high quality photos, while also being hugely entertaining. Our slinky perfectly proportioned pods use high tech equipment and clever software. We are very proud of our beautifully formed picture taking robots. Every inch of the photo booth is a labour of love and quality is at the heart of every Openbooth.



Openbooths started as a passion project born from a love of photography. It turned into a full-time mission to create the industry’s leading ‘picture taking robots’. We build photo booths that are photographers

We Built A Photographer

Custom Made in UK

The Openbooth was designed and fabricated here in the UK to be incredibly compact and reliable. Everything from the printer to computers are inside it allowing for clean and flexible set up no matter where the event is.

Automatic Editing

We taught our Openbooth to edit following the steps a photographer would. Starting from colour optimisation all the way to skin softening, our software ensures flattering results for all of our guests.

Fine Tuned

High quality hardware means a high quality photo booth. The chosen equipment is a result of years of experience from our photographers, making our open air photo booth unlike anything in the industry.



Genuinely impressed at how your set up allows guests to take amazing photos. As a photographer it’s always difficult putting groups of key people together, whereas your Openbooth has been doing it all night without even trying and getting some great photos.

Hire Us For Your Event

Corporate Hire

Tailor the Openbooth from top to bottom for your companies needs. With eye catching branding opportunities, powerful on-line platforms and an "anything is possible" attitude. Find out how Openbooths can create effective engagement from your event.

Wedding Hire

Entertain your guests with Openbooths. We removed the booth so everybody can watch, join in and take the group shots a professional photographer would never get a chance to. Our photos are truly studio quality, perfect for your wedding album and the walls of your new home.

Party Hire

From birthdays to anniversaries, house parties to Christmas events, our flexible options allow our photo booth to cater for events of all sizes. Just tell us what the occasion is and with our experience we will assist you in making it fun and memorable.