We invented the Openbooth

A Simple, Open Air Photo Booth

Having spent many years in the wedding industry and being lovers of all things techy, the creators of the Openbooth wanted to design and build a photo booth that captures high quality photos, while also being hugely entertaining. Our slinky perfectly proportioned pods use high tech equipment and clever software. We are very proud of our beautifully formed picture taking robots. Every inch of the photo booth is a labour of love and quality is at the heart of every Openbooth.

open photo booth

Clever Software

We taught our Openbooth to edit following the same steps a photographer would. Starting from colour optimisation all the way to skin softening, our software ensures flattering results for all guests in the prints and digital copies.

Made in UK

The Openbooth was designed and fabricated here in the UK to be incredibly compact and reliable. Everything from the printer to computers are inside it allowing for clean and flexible set up no matter where the event is.

Easy to use

Some photo booths are complicated, the Openbooths isn’t.  Simply hit start and you’ll have a print the same minute. It’s so simple that once we set up we don’t need to be there, though somebody may need to keep gramps for taking too many photos.

High Quality

Our software plays a big part, but our recipe for hardware is tuned to perfection ensuring high quality from the source.  It doesn’t matter if you put the photo booth, it can be next to disco lights or a dark room.  We set up with the ideal options for flawless photos.

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