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    Backdrop Collections 2019/20

The Wooden Collection

Whitewash Oak

Old Mahogany

Rustic Oak

The Shimmer Collection

White Mermaid

Rose Gold

Gold Shimmer

The White Collection

Humble White

Whitewash Oak

Cararra Marble

Flowers & Leaves

Pale Flowers (premium +£250)

Peony Rose (premium +£200)

Swedish Ivy (premium +£150)

Colour Collection

Candy Cane

Tropical Dreams

Baby Blue



Crepe colours (premium +£150)

Other Options

Can’t find something that fits?  We have several backdrops we have used over the years in our archived collections, just let us know the theme and we can find a suitable one for you.  Other options also include using a venue wall as a backdrop or personalised printed backdrops.